A Day in the Homeschool

Recently after much research and soul searching,  I discovered that I have been doing this whole homeschooling thing wrong, at least for me. I realised with horror that our children had left traditional education behind, and unfortunately for them, I hadn't. For a few weeks now we have removed the pressure. I watch, learn and guide.... Continue Reading →

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Double Digits and Milestones

Our amazing little girl turned 10 yesterday. Everyone who dared to cross her path over the past month heard all about it, and reacted with the exact same sentence (including me) - "Ah! Double digits." Some added "How exciting!" and perhaps more commonly- "Getting very grown up now!" The fact that everyone said the same... Continue Reading →

As time draws near to our casting off, a different level of emotion is occurring, a bizarre mix of happiness, excitement, terror and sadness. Also, somebody seems to have chewed all my nails off. In the past couple of weeks I have been sure that my mind has started to go. I'm calling my kids by... Continue Reading →

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